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A Reputable Bed Bug Exterminator You Can Rely On

Bed bug-removal services can be expensive and hiring the wrong company can affect your mental state and finances. These tiny pests can cause discomfort and even illnesses. At Plan B Canine LLC, we provide our clients with quality services to make sure your commercial and residential properties are free from bed bugs.

About Us

Plan B Canine LLC is an independent K9 team that can detect and facilitate the eradication of any bed bug infestation. We are committed to providing you with the appropriate solution to your pest problem at rates that fit your budget.

Why Choose Us

University studies show that a certified bed bug dog team can detect the scent of live bedbugs’ eggs with an accuracy of 97%. Human technicians, however, only have an accuracy of around 17% to 30%. With our K9 team, we are able to identify and eliminate the problem quickly and efficiently.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Having bed bugs in your home is a major problem. Fortunately, Plan B Canine LLC is here to help you solve it. We can locate the infected rooms with our K9s, assess the situation, and find you the service you need to give you peace of mind.


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Reach out to us today for more information about our company and our services. We would gladly answer any of your questions.