Safe and easy monitoring for bed bug and insect activity. Just place these advanced monitors anyplace you suspect bed bugs or insects to get highly effective 24/7 protection to trap and identify bed bugs and insects. At just $8.99 for the 2 pack these monitors are your most economical choice for bed bug and insect monitoring.

  • Quick Detection of Insects
  • Active for 30 days
  • Safe and Non-toxic
  • Low Cost
  • Small to keep your monitoring private
  • Great for the Home, Hospitality, Hospitals, and  Small and Large Businesses
Protect you, your business and your clients!

Instructions for using the world's easiest bed bug & insect monitor
1.Remove the liner  film to activate the proprietary attractant.
2.Install near the bed or in places where suspected insect activity may be.
3.You can use one of the enclosed glue dots to attach a monitor to a wall or directly to furniture or fabrics.
4.Check monitor periodically for insects
5.Use Identification chart to determine the identity of the bug captured on the monitor.
6.Quickly treat the room utilizing an all-natural Insect  or Bed Bug Spray from Green Blaster Products. 


Monitors come in the following packs

2 pack: 8.99

10 pack of 2: 65.99

100 case of 2 packs: 599.99


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