Reference - Andrew - Morris County, NJ

Plan B Canine LLC is fantastic!

I initially contacted Plan B Canine LLC at 7AM on a Sunday morning after finding what appeared to be a bed bug cast skin behind one of my furniture drawers.  There were no other visual signs, but I contacted Plan B Canine for an inspection.

Within 2 hours of my call, Paul and his amazing bed-bug sniffing Belgian Malonois, Oloka, were at the house.  After searching the entire home, Oloka alerted to one section of a bedroom.  An experienced human inspector would have never revealed the minor occurrence that Oloka’s nose was able to discover.

Paul offered expert advice on the various treatment options, but strongly recommended the use of a one-time heat treatment through an experienced pest control company to solve the problem with certainty.

The treatment was performed within days of the inspection and their service was remarkable.  The staff arrived early in the morning and finished the treatment by late afternoon.  The staff thoroughly educated my wife and I on the process and prepped the house for the treatment.  The company used state of the art equipment and maintained privacy at all times.  Not only did they leave the house in mint condition, they even re-made the beds!

A few days after the treatment was performed, Paul returned with Oloka for a follow-up inspection and the house was bed bug free.        

The professionalism and customer service exhibited by Plan B Canine throughout the process was extraordinary!  They immediately answered any and all questions upon being contacted morning, noon or night.  Their knowledge and expertise in the field is unmatched, and they always are mindful of a customer’s privacy in that all sight visits are made in unmarked vehicles.  Not only is this company a truly professional outfit, Paul and the other staff members are great people!

Throughout the past few months, I have continued to utilize Plan B Canine to perform periodic searches to ensure my home has remained bed bug free. 

While discovering a bed bug issue in your home is an unsettling circumstance, Plan B Canine lent peace of mind and solved the problem in a quick, efficient and courteous manner.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Morris County, NJ    

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