Bed Bug Free Certifications for Hotels and Business Properties


The New Standard in Bed Bug Free Hotels and Properties. Certified Bed Bug-Free is the standard that hotel guests will be looking for to ensure that they don't experience the nightmare of encountering bed bugs and bringing them back to their homes.

Certify your Hotel as Bed Bug-Free. This announces to your customers that you have taken every possible precaution to ensure that your property is free from these elusive pests. In turn, this could limit your liability in the event of a lawsuit.

Virtually every major hotel chain has been attacked by bed bugs.  The impact to occupancy and rate can be devastating to a property. The proliferation of Yelp and other social media virtually ensures all your potential guests will be made aware of the problem in a highly negative way. 

Truly the best defense is a good offense.  “OUR BED BUG FREE CERTIFICATION” is your “NO VACANCY” sign for bed bugs. 

We will help you implement cost effective prevention measures and provide regular weeklyor monthly inspections to ensure your hotel is in order.  Should you have a problem, our aim is to discover and remedy it at its earliest stages.  We’ll help you avoid the customer driven discovery which can be so devastating to the business.  

Our research shows that 98% of adults are somewhat or very concerned about bed bugs.  96% would be much more likely to stay in a “CERTIFIED BED BUG FREE'' facility than an uncertified competitor property.  12% of consumers report that boutique hotels seem more likely to have an infestation than large chains.  So it’s critical to proactively create certainty and confidence in this sector.

 Our dogs are tested 365 days a year to ensure they are indicating only on live bugs. They are third party certified using the most difficult test criteria used in the industry today.
  Sample of Certificate


It is important to realize that no bed bug treatment is 100% effective (except building fumigation), and there is no way to guarantee that bed bugs are completely gone. It is for these reasons that the bed bug situation is particularly challenging for the hospitality industry, where a hotel chain’s reputation can be jeopardized by a single bed bug incident. Having your hotel written up in the newspaper or on TripAdvisor as having a bed bug infestation requires a rapid and public response. You must let the public know that your hotel has a bed bug action plan.

In the year 2000, the hospitality industry did not want to adopt bed bug action plans. Having a bed bug action plan was like admitting your hotel had bed bugs. Now it is 10 years later, and if your hotel does not have bed bug action plan, you are at risk of losing your reputation and a lawsuit. Plan B Canine is here to assist you instituting a plan to continuously monitor and protect from those pesky bed bugs.

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