Bed Bug Remediation (Pesticides )

Bed bug infestations are exploding throughout New Jersey and Tri-State area. You can get rid of bed bugs, but they are a difficult pest to control for a variety of reasons. For most infestations, a professional exterminator that utilizes the proper treatment techniques and products is needed to get them out of your home. Understanding a few basics about bed bugs will assist in helping you to get them out of your home and reduce the chances of having them brought back into the home.

Bed bugs are often referred to as hitchhikers. They hitchhike on old furniture, luggage, clothes, boxes and other items that are brought into the home. Since they are so small, replicate quickly (a female lays 5-7 eggs per day) and hide in a variety of areas they often go undetected until a sizable population is established. Bed bugs bite and suck blood from humans. They are most active at night and normally bite uncovered areas of the body (arms, neck, legs and face).

NjBedBugsBite.com uses our Bed Bug Specialists to treat and control Bed Bugs.  The program for bed bugs is normally 3 applications 10-14 days apart.

-First visit will include focusing on bed bug elimination in infested areas and adjoining rooms.  Treatment will include bed bug removal, dust products, liquid application and other bed bug treatment methods based on where bed bugs are located. 

-Second visit is a follow up to determine where the continuing bed bug activity is found through a thorough inspection and re-treatment will be applied accordingly.

-Third visit will be mainly concentrated towards inspection and depending on reoccurring activity, spot treatment throughout active areas will be re-applied.

-In some conditions, additional treatments may be required.

Their treatment consists of thoroughly inspecting the entire area of concern and then applying pesticides according to label directions.  The customer will receive a copy of the Consumer Information Sheet, which will list the pesticides that will be applied, before the application is made.  Before the application the customer will be required to do a few things to get ready for them.  We work with our customers and utilize the cooperation given in a reasonable manner to completely facilitate treatment and control.


Prepare for Bed Bug Treatments

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